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Riot Games Walk Out To Protest Forced Arbitration

Riot Games Walk Out To Protest Forced Arbitration

More than 150 workers at video game developer Riot Games walked out of the company's Los Angeles headquarters.. In one of the first games industry walkouts, League of Legends studio employees protest studio policy in light of gender discrimination lawsuits.. Close to 200 people gathered outside of Riot Games' Santa Monica, California, studio on Monday to protest the company's forced arbitration.... Responding to the statement, walkout leaders Jocelyn Mahan, Indu Reddy ... Riot Games keeps arbitration clause despite protests [Bloomberg].. We are walking out against forced arbitration of past, current, and future employees, including contractors and those involved in current litigation,.... The Riot employees who staged a walkout to protest the company's policies ... Forced arbitration has been criticized and is being changed at a number ... and general misconduct by executive powers are a reality of gaming or.... Riot Games, maker of the worldwide hit video game League of ... via arbitration, rejecting demands from workers who walked out over the issue.... Over 100 Riot Games employees walked out of work on Monday afternoon to protest the company's forced arbitration policy for worker disputes. The walkout follows months of turmoil at the video game studio over allegations of sexism and misconduct.. The walkout is intended to protest Riot's handling of lawsuits filed over sexism at the studio. Comments.. Yesterday's protest, which called for forced arbitration to be ended for all past, current and future Riot employees, was also intended to give Riot.... Over 150 discontented Riot Games employees walked out of the League of Legends publisher's offices in Los Angeles today to protest the.... Riot walkout sees over 150 employees protest forced arbitration and systemic ... Following Riot Games' attempts to block several gender.... Jessica Kent joins a walkout at Riot Games in protest of the company's move to force arbitration on two sexual harassment lawsuits. Kent is one.... Over 150 developers participated in a protest at Riot Games yesterday that aimed to end the inclusion and enforcement of forced arbitration.... They were protesting against Riot's policy of forced arbitration, which strong-arms employees into company-led negotiations in the event of.... "Riot Games workers walk out to protest forced arbitration of sex discrimination suits", 6 May 2019. \More than 200 workers at Riot Games walked out of the video.... Employees at Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, will conduct a walkout today to protest the company's forced arbitration policy.... r/news: /r/news is: real news articles, primarily but not exclusively, news relating to the United States and the rest of the World. /r/news isn't

Over 150 Riot Games Employees Walked Out to Protest Forced Arbitration and Sexist Culture. The walkout follows months of turmoil at the video.... 'League of Legends' developers walkout to protest the company's use of forced arbitration to settle sexual harassment lawsuits.


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